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See Also: Server Information, General Customs

Full Installer

Full Download(s) :: 1.89GB

You only need one of these downloads. We have simply provided mirrored links to choose which one works best for you.

Updated on: 14.07.2020

Google Drive

Parted Download(s) :: 6x 300mb

These downloads are the same Full Installer file but we have partitioned it into smaller downloadable files. You need Part 1 through Part 6 to properly extract the Full Installer and be ready to play.
Different providers have been used to better help with whoever has the better download speed for you.

Updated on: 14.07.2020

MediaFire :: 6 parts, 300mb each
MediaFire Part 1 :: MediaFire Part 2 :: MediaFire Part 3 :: MediaFire Part 4 :: MediaFire Part 5 :: MediaFire Part 6

Google Drive :: 6 parts, 300mb each
Google Drive Part 1 :: Google Drive Part 2 :: Google Drive Part 3 :: Google Drive Part 4 :: Google Drive Part 5 :: Google Drive Part 6

Set Compatibility before playing!!

Upon encountering any errors, please make sure to do all the steps listed below.

  • Always use the Full Installer.
  • Right-click on OpenSetup.exe and tick the box next to Run as Administrator.
  • Right-click on xile.exe and tick the box next to Run as Administrator.
  • Right-click on Play XileRetro.exe and tick the box next to Run as Administrator.
  • Be sure to grab the latest patch through Play XileRetro.exe
  • Avoid installing the game to Program Files. Try to install it to somewhere like C:\Games\ (Program Files are a protected directory)
  • Disable Anti Virus AND Firewall software before installing and/or patching. (Especially in the case of Avast and McAfee)
  • If you use Warsaw (a bank software popular in Brazil), you will need to uninstall it.

Should you still have any issues, please explain your problem on Discord's #support channel.

Lite Installer

None at this time.
Our server is a bit of a time capsule in that a current kRO data.grf will cause instant game crashes for anyone. So it is highly advised that you simply use the Full Installer to run our server.
Thank you!