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Intimidate.png Intimidate
Intimidate Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 10
(Rogue) Snatch Lv. 5


Enable the use of the last skill that was inflicted by an enemy. Intimidate`s skill level affects the level of the remembered skill that the Rogue can use. For example, if a Rogue is hit by Bash Lv.10, but the Rogue has only learned Intimidate Lv.5, the Rogue can only use Bash Lv.5 through the Intimidate skill.

List of copyable skills usable by Rogues/Stalkers

See Also: General Customs

Skills with a purple font color are custom server additions.

Swordman Class

  • Swordman: Bash, Magnum Break
  • Knight: Bowling Bash
  • Crusader: Grand Cross, Holy Cross, Shield Boomerang, Smite
  • Paladin: Sacrifice

Mage Class

  • Mage: Cold Bolt, Fire Ball, Fire Bolt, Fire Wall, Frost Diver, Lightning Bolt, Napalm Beat, Soul Strike, Thunderstorm
  • Wizard: Earth Spike, Fire Pillar, Frost Nova, Heaven's Drive, Jupitel Thunder, Lord of Vermilion, Meteor Storm, Sightrasher, Storm Gust, Water Ball
  • Sage: Earth Spike, Heaven's Drive
  • Professor: Soul Burn

Archer Class

  • Archer: Arrow Repel, Arrow Shower, Double Strafe
  • Hunter: Blast Mine, Claymore Trap, Land Mine
  • Sniper: Sharp Shoot

Merchant Class

  • Merchant: Mammonite
  • Alchemist: Acid Terror, Bomb

Thief Class

  • Thief: Envenom, Sand Attack, Stone Fling
  • Assassin: Venom Splasher, Venom Knife
  • Rogue: Back Stab, Double Strafe
  • Assassin Cross: Soul Destroyer

Acolyte Class

  • Acolyte: Heal, Holy Light, Ruwach
  • Monk: Guillotine Fist, Occult Impaction, Raging Trifecta Blow, Throw Spirit Sphere
  • Priest: Aspersio, B.S Sacramenti, Magnus Exorcismus, Resurrection, Sanctuary, Turn Undead

Extended Classes

  • TaeKwon Kid: Flying Kick
  • Ninja: Ninpou magic, Flip Tatami, Haze Slasher, Shadow Slash, Throw Zeny, Raging Fire Dragon, Ice Meteor


  • Gear Skills: Tomahawk Throwing


  • Can only copy skills that damage the Rogue/Stalker directly.
  • Copyable skills are those of 1-1, 2-1, 2-2 Classes.
  • Can not be used with skills exclusive to monsters, ex: Property Attacks.
  • Can be used with some Transcendent skills, ex: Soul Destroyer
  • Can copy certain skills that are performed at a higher level by monsters than their player variant would allow. Ex.: Water Ball Lv.10, Claymore Trap Lv.10
  • Can not copy Blessing and Increase AGI, even though they do 1 damage to the player due to the monster only skill Change Undead.
  • Copying Jupitel Thunder Lv.10 does not work with Wind Ghost Card as described on the card.
  • Copying Heal Lv.10 does not work with Enchanted Peachtree Card as described on the card.
  • Tomahawk Throwing is currently the only non-naturally learned skill that is copyable by Intimidate.