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More than just an easter egg mob created by eAthena Dev Team-- We keep him front and center with some really nifty drops.


Careful passing him in the field, he'll gut ya.

Valaris v1.1 Spawn Locations
Level 99 Base EXP 235,250,000 616s.gif Old Card Album - 100%
668s.png Christmas Card - 30%
2607s.gif Clip [1] - 100%
714s.gif Emperium - 100%
617s.gif Old Purple Box - 100%
984s.gif Oridecon - 100%
gon_fild01 (1)
HP 3,280,000 Job EXP 25,895,000
ATK 2666~3000 Size Small
Flee 299 Race Demi-Human
Hit 299 Element Dark