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See Also: PvP, War of Emperium

Battlegrounds is a PvP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment and consumable rewards for participation.
To queue for Battlegrounds, use the Battlegrounds Window in the listed in the Basic Info Window. Bg-button.png
Players can queue for a game mode alone, or with a party. The player join battlegrounds from anywhere and they will be teleported back to their save point after the match has finished.


Last Man Standing


Players can queue for this game mode alone, or with a party.

  • Requires 2 players to start. Join with Battleground button found under alt+v. Bg-button.png
  • Players are randomly split into two even teams: Team Bloody Knight Champion vs Team Monkey Fist
  • Objective: Kill all players in the enemy team.
  • The winners get 20 Honor Points, losers get 5 Honor Points.
  • Emergency Call is disabled in this game mode.


Socket Essences


Socket Essences

More info to come.