Devil Square

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Devil Square will run every 2 hours and will announce ingame, you will have 2 minutes to join before the entry closes.

Info [Show/Hide]

Devil Square Guardian

Spawn Times

Every 2 hours on xx:05, an in-game broadcast announced 2 minute before start.
00:05, 04:05, 06:05, 08:05, 10:05, 12:05, 16:05, 18:05, 20:05

Ic.png Missing times are when War of Emperium is running!


The goal here is to get through each round alive. If you die you need someone alive to resurrect you or you are done and dead from the event, you cannot return.

Event Entry

You enter this event via the Devil Square Guardian which can be found at prontera146161.

Rounds [Show/Hide]

Round 1

10 Soldier Skeleton
15 Orc Archer
10 Sandman
15 Archer Skeleton
15 Minorous
10 Requiem
1 Monkey Fist

Round 2

20 Gargoyle
20 Alarm
20 High Orc
8 Injustice
3 Monkey Fist
1 Bloody Knight

Round 3

This Round Is A Little More Special. One Mvp Will Spawn This Round, But It Is Randomly Chosen! All To Keep Devil Square Surprising Each Time! 15 Anolian
15 Wanderer
10 Deviruchi
15 Joker
3 Monkey Fist
2 Bloody Knight

Possible MVP's

Orc Lord
Orc Hero
High Priest Margaretha
Gunslinger Elwin
Stalker Gertie
Star Gladiator Hyun
Abyss Arthur
Incantation Samurai
Fallen Bishop
Evil Snake Lord

Treasure Chest


Possible Reward(s)

1 28018s.png Uber Loot Box @ 9%
1 28019s.png Elite Loot Box @ 3%
1 28020s.png Godly Loot Box @ 0.01%
1 20309s.png Rookie Badge Box @ 3%
1 20323s.png Godly Rookie Badge Box @ 0.01%
1 22553s.gif Platinum Coin @ 6%
1 22554s.png Mithril Coin @ 3%
1 12246s.png Mystical Card Album @ 3%
1 19879s.png [C] Devil Square Helm @ 6%
1 19878s.png [C] Devil Square Guitar @ 3%
DS-C-Combo.png 19878m.gif 19878f.gif



Speak with Devil Square Guardian and collect your reward!


1 20309s.png Rookie Badge Box