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Top of Endless Tower


The Endless Tower is an instance where a party fights through 101 floors of predetermined monsters. The monster list includes field MvPs and Endless Tower exclusive MvPs (Entweihen Crothen and Naght Sieger). It's an enjoyable activity that can be profitable with the right amount of luck and runs


  • Once a player goes through the warp portal (which is triggered by killing all mobs per floor), he/she will be unable to go back to the previous floor.

Skill Limitation(s)

The following skills are disabled in Endless Tower.

Instance Cooldown

  • Time Limit: 4 Hours once entering
  • Cooldown: 7 Days, per character from completion or loss* of Instance
* loss; meaning party wipe.


It's a giant monster tower, the goal is to climb all 101 floors to defeat Entweihen Crothen and then Naght Sieger who are the Bosses of this tower.

Floor Element Guide

Floor MvP Effective Element
Level 5 Golden Thief Bug Water
Level 10 Mistress Earth
Level 15 Phreeoni Holy
Maya Fire
Level 20 Drake Earth
Level 25 Moonlight Flower Water
Level 30 White Lady Earth
Level 35 Turtle General Fire
Level 40 Incantation Samurai Holy
Level 45 Osiris Holy
Level 50 Pharaoh Holy
Amon Ra Fire
Level 55 Evil Snake Lord Ghost
Level 60 Doppelganger Holy
General Egnigem Cenia Water
Level 65 Atroce Holy
Level 70 Orc Hero Fire
Orc Lord Fire
Level 75 Dark Lord Holy
Baphomet Holy
Level 80 Fallen Bishop Hibram Holy
Level 85 Ifrit Water
Level 90 Valkyrie Randgris Shadow
Level 95 Beelzebub Ghost
Level 100 Entweihen Crothen Holy
Level 101 Naght Seiger Ghost
Entweihen Crothen 20064s.png Entweihen Crothen Rose Cutting - 100%
Level 90 Base EXP 2,700,000,000 616s.gif Old Card Album - 100%
1618s.gif Survivor's Rod [1] - 100%
7291s.gif Agate - 100%
20195s.png Bloody Pergament - 52.50%
HP 6,222,221 Job EXP 1,350,000,000
ATK 32000~40000 Size Medium
Flee 160 Race Demon
Hit 310 Element Dark
Naght Sieger 6084s.png Naght Sieger Blade Shard - 100%
Level 99 Base EXP 4,000,000,000 616s.gif Old Card Album - 100%
5017s.gif Bone Helm - 100%
7294s.gif Turquoise - 100%
20195s.png Bloody Pergament - 52.50%
HP 7,999,999 Job EXP 2,000,000,000
ATK 32000~64000 Size Large
Flee 149 Race Demon
Hit 319 Element Ghost

Entering Endless Tower

CaptainJanssen.gif 1. Talk to Captain Janssen alberta21477. When asked, pay him 3,000,000 Zeny.

2. Listen to his story, and agree to join his crew. You will be warped to Misty Island.

TowerProtectionStone.gif 3. There the party leader needs to speak to the Tower Protection Stone, and generate an Endless Tower Instance.

4. After an instance is created, all party members may enter the tower.

5. Upon clearing clearing Floor 100 for the first time, you'll be sent back to Alberta. Simply walk back to the NPC, reenter the Endless Tower, jump to Floor 76 (refer section below), and walk all the way back up to rejoin your party at Floor 101.

Ic.png You can finish Endless Tower on your first run, you just have to walk/ash your way back up the tower.
Note: Breaking the party through /leave command will instantly warp all party members out.

Jumping Floors

1. The player will get a certain number of 20059s.gif Ashes of Darkness upon entering certain floors for the 1st time on that particular run.

Floor Number Ashes Amount
Floor 26 1
Floor 51 1
Floor 76 2
Floor 100 3

Note: Be careful if your party is way ahead of you in clearing the floors, you might be unable to receive the Ashes

2. On the very First Floor talk to Immortal Brazier (The hanging fire pit located just above your character upon spawning in first floor) to warp to the floors of your choice (a choice between floors 26, 51, 76)

  • Each 25 floors of jump will require ONE Ash of Darkness.

Reward from Lost Souls

After running this Instance a few times, you should eventually come up with enough 6084s.gif Naght Sieger Blade Shards and 20064s.png Entweihen Crothen Rose Cuttings to turn them in for your Epic reward(s).

Exchange your boss drops with Lost Souls for two available Custom Middle Headgears.
Image Name Stats Ingredients
19231.png 19231s.png Crimson Bandage [1]
Coverings from countless epic battles against the Night Victor.
Created by the Lost Souls of Endless Tower.
ATK + 150 (75 for Sniper)
Available Job : Every
3 6084s.gif Naght Sieger Blade Shard*
* Drops from Naght Sieger
350,000,000 Zeny
19232.png 19232s.png Indigo Bandage [1]
Coverings from countless epic battles against the Night Victor.
Created by the Lost Souls of Endless Tower.
MATK + 5%
Available Job : Every
3 20064s.png Entweihen Crothen Rose Cutting*
* Drops from Entweihen Crothen
350,000,000 Zeny
Exchange a boss drop with Lost Souls for one available Custom Lower Wing.
Image Name Stats Ingredients
20180.png 20180s.png Vindicated Wings [1]
A pair of feathered wings, once great in power have faded greatly.
Created by the Lost Souls of Endless Tower.
All Stats +7
Available Job : Every
1 20064s.png Entweihen Crothen Rose Cutting*
* Drops from Entweihen Crothen

Important Info

Note: A window will appear showing pertinent time limits for the dungeon. If it is closed, it can be opened again using the shortcut Alt+B.
Warning: If any party member disconnects while inside the dungeon, they will be kicked out and sent back to their save point!
Warning: Taming any monster or killing the last monster on a floor with a mercenary will cause the instance to not register the kill, and the portal to the next floor will not open.
  • Each party member is given 2 Ashes of Darkness upon entering the tower. Ashes of Darkness are used to reenter the tower. They cannot be dropped or be sold to an NPC or placed in Kafra storage.
  • If a player is forced to leave the tower, they can re-enter by talking to the stone on the Misty Island again. An Ashes of Darkness will automatically be subtracted from the player's inventory. If the player has no more Ashes of Darkness remaining, he will not be able to reenter. The exit portal on the 1st floor will warp the player to the 51st floor if they have cleared the 50th floor.
  • The Endless Tower instance lasts until the party either gives up or runs out of time, after which time all players will be teleported out of the dungeon.
  • There is no limit on how many instances a party can create within the 4 hour limit. A new instance can be created under a different party leader if the previous instance was destroyed. Once the time limit is up, there is a 6 day 20 hour cooldown period for all party members in which they cannot enter a new Endless Tower instance. However, additional instances will not allow access to additional MVPs.


Inside Endless Tower

Green text denotes a Mini-Boss.
Red text denotes an MVP monster.