Lunar New Year 2023

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To celebrate the Lunar New Year: Year of the Rabbit, we're giving away Zeny!


There are two new NPC types that have spawned randomly throughout Rune-Midgard.



Location: Dungeon and Field Maps

The Sunflower is a sign of happiness.

When you click on one, you will be given Level 10 Agi Up and Level 10 Blessing that will last for 6 minutes and the NPC will vanish.



Location: Town Maps

This odd plant known to the alchemists of Yuno as the Moneyleaf has an odd effect when you rub its leaves together.

When you click on one, you will be given 800,000z. No questions asked! It then vanishes.


There is only one item introduced by this event that is not part of the Attendance System.

Image Name Description
19962.png 19962s.png [C] Lunar Rabbit Pet

XileRetro Costume Headgear.

Lunar New Year 2023

Class : Headgear

Defense Rate : 0

Equipped On : Lower

Weight : 0

Available Job : Every Job

Event Monsters

No new monsters have been added for this event.




Location: prontera148179

Mei is collecting donations for a community project - in total, she needs 25 Billion Zeny.

Instead of collecting the raw zeny values, she only accepts 22552s.gif Gold Coin. Which means she needs 500!

What do you get in return? Possibly nothing, if you're too slow. Once Mei has collected 500 22552s.gif Gold Coin from anyone who is willing to donate, she will start handing out a maximum of 200 19962s.png [C] Lunar Rabbit Pet.


On the 14th minute of every hour while the event is active, there is a 25% chance that all online players will receive a Red Envelope via RoDEX.

This script will not run while any WoE seige is active.