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Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Sealmaster Orion, a mystical figure in XileRO who specializes in the ancient art of sealing!

The normal process allows players to enhance their equipment by sealing cards into them, unlocking extraordinary powers. With Sealmaster Orion you can enhance certain cards possibly better than before.


NOTE: We are testing this method on Monkey Fist first to see if we should expand to other cards on the server!

Sealmaster Orion is an NPC who offers players a special exchange for [S] Sealed Card(s). To access his services, players must provide specific items and cards as materials for the sealing process.


NPC Ingredients Reward
Sealmaster Orion
1 20001s.png Corrupt Emperium*
* Found in Uber Shop
7 Card.gif Monkey Fist Card
1 29239s.png [S] Sealed Monkey Fist Card

[S] Sealed Monkey Fist Card


Upon successful sealing, players are rewarded with a [S] Sealed Monkey Fist Card, which can then be used to obtain a random [S] Monkey Fist Card +xx with bonuses. Each tier corresponds to the bonus value (+10 to +20).

All transactions are logged for administrative purposes.

[S] Sealed Monkey Fist Card: Outcomes

The probabilities for each card are as follows:
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+20): 0.50%
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+19): 0.50%
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+18): 0.87%
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+17): 1.52%
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+16): 2.65%
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+15): 4.62%
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+14): 8.06%
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+13): 14.05%
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+12): 24.50%
  • [S] Monkey Fist Card (+11): 42.73%


Sealmaster Orion's services provide a unique way for players to enhance their equipment in XileRO. By understanding the sealing process, item specifics, and outcome probabilities, players can make informed decisions to optimize their gameplay experience. Remember, while the rewards can be substantial, they come with varying degrees of probability.

May fortune smile upon you during your sealing endeavors!

As game elements may change over time, players should always refer to the latest official announcements or updates for the most accurate information.