Collector Kiki

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Collector Kiki


Maybe you've heard of her? She only sells the illest and most fancydancy costume headgears in basically all of Rune Midgard here in XileRetro.


Every month Kiki will get her hands on three new Costumes. They are ONLY obtainable through her vend and they are 2 BILLION Zeny each. Empty your life savings, because this woman isn't cheap.

2020 Inventory


19066i.gif[C] Peony Hair Decoration [1] 19067i.gif[C] Ignis Cap [2] 19068i.gif[C] Valkyrie Circlet [3]


19063i.gif[C] Elephant Fairy [4] 19064i.gif[C] Bubbly Hairband [5] 19065i.gif[C] Queen Anne's Revenge [6]


19060i.gif[C] Little Aquarium [7] 19061i.gif[C] Valhalla Idol [8] 19062i.gif[C] Twinkling Star [9]


These three headgears will continue halfway into July to allow the "month" of availability as this was introduced June 20th and not the beginning of the month.

19057i.gif[C] Rainbow Wing Ears [10] 19058i.gif[C] Rainbow Long Octopus [11] 19059i.gif[C] Mythlit Hat [12]

  1. [C] Peony Hair Decoration - Upper
  2. [C] Ignis Cap - Upper
  3. [C] Valkyrie Circlet - Upper
  4. [C] Elephant Fairy - Middle
  5. [C] Bubbly Hairband - Upper
  6. [C] Queen Anne's Revenge - Upper
  7. [C] Little Aquarium - Middle
  8. [C] Valhalla Idol - Upper
  9. [C] Twinkling Star - Upper
  10. [C] Rainbow Wing Ears - Middle
  11. [C] Rainbow Long Octopus - Upper
  12. [C] Mythlit Hat - Upper