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Uber Items [Show/Hide]

See also: Shopping Mall, Castle Drops, Unholy Path
Uber Items
Image Name Stats Cost
6000.gif 6000s.gif Creator [4]
Almighty Staff Of Ages.
INT +6, DEX +2, MATK + 15%.
60,000,000 Zeny
6001.gif 6001s.gif Seeker [4]
Almighty Bow.
DEX +15
60,000,000 Zeny
6002.gif 6002s.gif Book of Life [4]
Almighty Book of Knowledge.
Increases damage on Earth, Water, Fire and Wind Property enemies by 7% and Holy Property enemies by 5%.
Increase Healing Power by 75%
Property: Dark
60,000,000 Zeny
1814.gif 1814s.gif Berserk [4]
Almighty Claw of Madness.
It drives its owner insane looking for enemies to kill.
Increase Attack Speed by 12%.
60,000,000 Zeny
6004.gif 6004s.gif Lords Knife [4]
Almighty Dagger of the Ruler.
+5 to All Stats
60,000,000 Zeny
6005.gif 6005s.gif Xecutioner [4]
Almighty Katar of Death.
AGI +5
60,000,000 Zeny
1367.gif 1367s.gif Slaughter [4]
A axe used for Slaying many foes.
Pierces the defense of brute monsters.
Has a low chance of delivering an instantaneous death to brute monsters.
Property: Earth
60,000,000 Zeny
6007.gif 6007s.gif Jammar [4]
Almighty Sounds of Destruction.
DEX +6
60,000,000 Zeny
6008.gif 6008s.gif Defier [4]
Almighty Spear of Defiance.
STR +10
60,000,000 Zeny
1139.gif 1139s.gif Talefing [4]
A Sword with Power to Behold.
Attack +200
60,000,000 Zeny
6010.gif 6010s.gif Tyrant [4]
Almighty Sword of Kings.
CRIT +30, ASPD +8%
60,000,000 Zeny
6011.gif 6011s.gif Lasher [4]
Almighty Whip of Justification.
LUK +15
60,000,000 Zeny
1368.gif 1368s.gif Tomahawk [4]
A light axe with wind property, used for throwing.
Enable to use Tomahawk Throwing.
Property: Wind
60,000,000 Zeny
2629.gif 2629s.gif Megingjard [0]
A legendary belt rumored to be owned by Thor, the god of thunder. Increases its wearer's strength.
STR +40, MDEF +7
30,000,000 Zeny
2630.gif 2630s.gif Brisingamen [0]
A legendary necklace worn by Freija, the goddess of beauty.
1,000,000 Zeny
2631.gif 2631s.gif Celebration Ring [0]
A ring that is given to a baby that becomes a year old.
+5 to All Stats
3,000,000 Zeny
Drops from Wootan Fighter in Cystal Caves
2202.gif 2202s.gif Sunglasses [1]
Glasses with darkened lenses to block out the sun's ultra violet rays.
200,000 Zeny
Drops from Wootan Shooter in Cystal Caves
2410.gif 2410s.gif Sleipnir [0]
Shoes named after the war horse of Odin.
Increase Movement Speed.
Max HP/SP +20%, SP Recovery +15%, MDEF +10.
5,000,000 Zeny
13302.gif 13302s.gif Fuuma Shuriken Daisharin [4]
A heavy, giant shuriken shaped like a bladed wheel.
AGI +5, VIT +10
60,000,000 Zeny
13105.gif 13105s.gif Garrison [4]
A rare revolver that is only produced when it is specially ordered.
The engraving of its creator's name can be used by experts to authenticate this gun.
HIT +10, DEX +5
60,000,000 Zeny
13152.gif 13152s.gif Cyclone [4]
A high performance rifle whose shots have long range and great power.
HIT +10, Critical Rate + 10
60,000,000 Zeny
13158.gif 13158s.gif Butcher [4]
This gun fires in rapid succession with an electronic controlled rotating barrel. This gun is aptly named for the terrifying power it gives to its wielder.
Critical Rate + 10 on Brute enemies.
60,000,000 Zeny
13161.gif 13161s.gif Destroyer [4]
A top of the line, high performance grenade launcher.
Has a low chance of destroying an enemy's armor when attacking.
60,000,000 Zeny
13156.gif 13156s.gif Gatkeeper-DD [4]
The true name is said to mean "The defender of the impregnable fortress". This is the highest power shotgun currently available.
Splash Damage.
60,000,000 Zeny
1559.gif 1559s.gif Legacy of Dragon [4]
A book in which the origin and history of dragons is written. It's a treasure that is said to be passed among the dragon race.
+5 to All Stats
Pierces Defense of Dragon monster.
Recover 10 SP every time you kill a Dragon monster.
60,000,000 Zeny

Elite Weapon [Show/Hide]

See also: Shopping Mall, Castle Drops, Unholy Path, Donation
Elite Items
Also available from Donation, worth 1 Uber Points.
Image Name Stats Cost
3150.gif 3150s.gif Staff of Ages [4]
Staff, with powers said, strong enough to stop time itself.
INT +15, DEX +10, MATK +20%
350,000,000 Zeny
3151.gif 3151s.gif Soul Seeker [4]
Bow, with speed and accuracy that are unrivaled.
DEX +15, VIT +10, LUK +5
350,000,000 Zeny
3152.gif 3152s.gif Holy Book [4]
Used by grand Priest and Sages to stop Armageddon.
INT +25, LUK +15, VIT +10
Increase Healing Power by 95%
350,000,000 Zeny
3153.gif 3153s.gif Oblivion Blade [4]
Large blade, which grants anyone who wears it massive power.
+7 to All Stats
350,000,000 Zeny
3154.gif 3154s.gif Frenzic [4]
Insanely sharp claws, used for hunting only the most massive of beast.
ASPD +15%, LUK +10, VIT +10, INT +5
350,000,000 Zeny
3155.gif 3155s.gif Katar of Chaos [4]
Katar which brings only chaos with its blades.
AGI +15, VIT +10, STR +5
350,000,000 Zeny
3156.gif 3156s.gif Reaper [4]
Long and fast axe, used to defend and protect ones assets.
ASPD +40%, STR +30, VIT +10
350,000,000 Zeny
3157.gif 3157s.gif Wind Weaver [4]
Guitar, which projects arrows that pierce the wind.
INT +5, VIT +10, DEX +15
350,000,000 Zeny
3158.gif 3158s.gif Dark Defier [4]
Spear of deep, twisted defiance.
STR +15, VIT +10, LUK +5
350,000,000 Zeny
3159.gif 3159s.gif Phoenix Wing [4]
A Sword that grants the perfect balance of power.
+5 to All Stats
ATK +200
350,000,000 Zeny
3160.gif 3160s.gif Retribution [4]
Sword with dark powers, used for the light of good.
CRIT +40, ASPD +10%, STR +20
350,000,000 Zeny
3161.gif 3161s.gif Raging Mic [4]
A mic enhanced to send out massive beatdowns.
LUK +10, DEX +10, VIT +10
350,000,000 Zeny
19118.png 19118s.png Mossberg 500 [4]
This Mossberg has its barrel reinforced with Carnium, making it a solid shotgun.
Splash Damage.
DEX +10, VIT +10, LUK +10, AGI +5
350,000,000 Zeny
19119.png 19119s.png Vulcan Minigun [4]
This minigun fires in rapid succession with an electronic controlled rotating barrel.
Critical Rate + 10 on Brute enemies.
DEX +20, VIT +10
350,000,000 Zeny
19120.png 19120s.png Hawk RPG [4]
A high performance grenade launcher, notable Stone of Sage inlays grace the handle.
Has a low chance of destroying an enemy's armor when attacking.
DEX +10, VIT +10, LUK +10, AGI +5
350,000,000 Zeny
19121.png 19121s.png Lee-Enfield [4]
A high performance rifle whose shots have long range and great power.
DEX +15, VIT +5, LUK +15, AGI +10, HIT +20, CRIT +10
350,000,000 Zeny
19122.png 19122s.png Ancient Celestial Chronicles [4]
An ancient book of sacred texts handed down the royal celestial body bloodline.
Pierces Defense of Dragon monster. Recover 10 SP every time you kill a Dragon monster.
All Stats +10, STR +10, AGI +15
Property: Dark
350,000,000 Zeny
19123.png 19123s.png Colt 36 [4]
A notorious and rare revolver that is only produced when specially ordered.
DEX +15, LUK +20, VIT +5, HIT +20
350,000,000 Zeny
19124.png 19124s.png Devil Huuma Shuriken [4]
A heavy, giant shuriken shaped like a bladed wheel. Shrouded in radient iridescent metal.
STR +20, AGI +10, VIT +15, INT +10, DEX +5, LUK +5, ATK +100
350,000,000 Zeny

Quest Weapons [Show/Hide]

See Also: Quests
Image Name Stats Ingredients NPC
1137.gif 1137s.gif Excalibur [0]
The one-handed sword of Arthurian legend, it supposedly selects its owner by its own will to wield its holy powers.
INT + 5
LUK + 10
DEX - 1
Property: Holy
1 523s.gif Holy Water
1 2327s.gif Holy Robe
10 1009s.gif Hand of God
30 658s.gif Union of Tribe
70 968s.gif Heroic Emblem
1,000,000 Zeny
Lord Excalibur
1169.gif 1169s.gif Executioner [0]
A gruesome sword used to behead criminals judged with the death penalty.
Pierces Defense of Demi-Human monster.
Increases damage inflicted on Demi-Human monster by 20%, but increases damage received from DemiHuman monster by 10%.
Property: Shadow
100 7017s.gif Executioner's Mitten
20 7024s.gif Bloody Edge
10 714s.gif Emperium
50 1008s.gif Necklace of Oblivion
50 609s.gif Amulet
1 1168s.gif Zweihander
1,000,000 Zeny
Lord Executioner
1138.gif 1138s.gif Mysteltainn [0]
An one-handed sword similar to the legendary twig which was rumored to have murdered Baldur, the God of Light.
Increase damage inflicted on Ghost Property by 15%.
Causes Stone Curse effect to enemies by 0.1% chance.
DEX +3
Property: Shadow
1 1120s.gif Tsurugi
5 7018s.gif Young Twig
15 7019s.gif Loki's Whispers
1,000,000 Zeny
Lord Baldur

Quest Armors

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Token Sets