Clone Pets

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Unique Pets that aren't super common among other private servers~
Clone Pets that mimic your player exactly OR as another class... Super neat!

How to Obtain

Currently while we test them among the community, only 1x Clone Egg is available and as a Donation gift for the month of September after the 11th.
We would like to find the best placement for them among the server and instead of putting off their introduction, we've chosen to have it this way.
Hoping to avoid flooding the server with them and keep them special.


So each kind eats something different...

Pet Food Mining


This is an afk-clicker, much like Claw Machine but this system requires no Zeny.
It takes significantly longer to "mine" Clone Pet Foods and we hope players make a wonderful market out of them!

  • Takes 3 minutes to mine.
  • Chance to Mine 1 of 3 foods.
    • 23261s.png Chewy Macaron (Clone Pet Egg)
    • 11533s.png Meat Sticks (Male Class Pet Egg)
    • 11519s.png Leaf Wrap (Female Class Pet Egg)
  • Located in South Prontera, prontera173157

Male Class Pet Eggs

Female Class Pet Eggs