Open Buying Store

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Open Buying Store.png Open Buying Store
Open Buying Store Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 2
SP Cost: 30
Target: Self
Catalyst: 1 Bulk Buyer Shop License

Open Buying Store (Alt: Buying Store) is a 1st class active skill available as Merchant. This skill can only be learned through a certain quest.


Opens a Buying Store (also known as a Purchase Shop) from which certain items can be purchased from other players. The buyer must have at least one wanted item in the inventory. Each use consumes a Bulk Buyer Shop License, which can be purchased from the Purchasing Team NPC in the Merchant Guild alberta3741 for 200z each.


  • A maximum of 5 items at a time can be advertised in a shop.
  • Only misc. and non-brewed consumable items are eligible.
  • The buyer must be at least 4 cells from any NPC to use this skill.
  • The maximum combined weight of the items you can buy is [(0.9 × WeightLimit) − Curr_Weight − 1]. Exceeding this limit results in an error, but the shop can still be edited without recasting the skill.
  • A 5% commission fee will be applied on items with price over 10,000,000z. The buyer will pay the zeny as 105% from the listed prices.